WGT® shut version

WGT® shut version

  • Developed for the highest technical requirements in the smallest installation space.
  • Sealing element for microducts (EZA) according to DIN VDE 0800 part 720 as well as the uniform material concept of the German Federal Government (BMDV).
  • Can be used for any microducts manufacturer and is available in all common sizes.
  • Sealing of microducts, with already installed cable, against gas ingress and water pressure.
  • Sealing of empty microducts (integrated end plug function) against gas ingress and water pressure.
  • Reaction to fire according to DIN EN 13501-1 class A2 s1 d0, thus also suitable for use in sensitive building infrastructures (hospitals, retirement homes, etc.).
  • One component, suitable for all applications. 

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Packaging units

WGT 5mm/7mm: 100 pcs./1 PU

WGT 10mm/12mm: 50 pcs./1 PU

WGT 14mm/16mm/20mm: 20s pcs./1 PU


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Our WGT® is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy, which means that the product combines the highest technical requirements in the smallest installation space. A kink protection is integrated on the upper side of the WGT®. The gasket of the WGT® has a safety breaking point which releases in the event of overpressure due to accidental blowing in, thus preventing the WGT® from detaching from the microduct. Due to the design of the gasket of the WGT® in the full version, it can also be used as an end plug.

The reaction to fire of our WGT® in the shut version is classified in class A2 (non-combustible with combustible components) according to DIN EN 13501-1 (fire behaviour of building products). In combination with the gasket, s1 (no/hardly any smoke development), d0 (no dripping/falling off) applies, the gaskets are halogen-free in accordance with DIN EN 60684-2.

The WGT® can be assembled and disassembled by hand without tools. To do this, the WGT® is simply pressed on or unscrewed for removal.

To enable even faster and easier assembly and disassembly of the WGT® product range, we have developed professional and or support tools for each size.

Our entire WGT® product range has proven itself over many years as a reliable seal and strain relief.


Product and System patented for Elitex GmbH



  • The WGT® with cable is gas and water tight up to 8.5 bar.
  • As an end plug the WGT® is gas and water tight up to 13 bar.
  • Maximum packing density e.g. WGT® size 10mm is only 4mm larger in diameter than the microduct.
  • Gasket with safety breaking point to release in case of overpressure due to blow-in.
  • Strain relief of the cable ≥13N for WGT® 7 up to ≥50N for WGT® 20 with PowerClip ® more than 250N.
  • Strain relief of the microduct ≥70N for WGT® 7 up to ≥90N for WGT 20.
  • Integrated kink protection for the cable.
  • Reation to fire according to DIN EN 13501-1 class A2 s1 d0 (d1 split version).
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy.
  • Gasket can be reused up to five times, WGT® body as often as required.
  • Our WGT® product line has technical approval from Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and other network opperators.
  • Operating temperature from -40° C to + 70° C.

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