Our products don't cost the earth. 

Sustainability is the topic of the future. ELITEX delivers sustainability. For years. This contribution to sustainability pays off for customers and the environment.


Our corporate social responsibility is based on three cornerstones:

  • People
  • Environment
  • Business Ecology


Partnerships. Because they enable us to move forward with confidence and to accept positively. As a company with a history of more than 10 years, ELITEX has built close relationships with customers and business partners. They all know that they can rely on our integrity and that we will always treat our environment with respect, as well as the people who work for and with us. We are grateful for these partnerships. They enable us to move forward with confidence and positively embrace what the future holds for us.


Production "Made in Germany"

What transport routes are necessary to get your products to their destination? We are committed to more sustainability throughout the supply chain. Short distances from production to shipping directly to our customers. We recognise that our supply chain, our business processes and our products have both direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Our goal is to accurately record these impacts and find effective ways to minimise or eliminate them altogether. Here, companies that produce in Germany have a clear sustainability advantage, as their products do not have to be brought to our regions from the other side of the world. The durability and efficiency of our products is equally important.

When is a product sustainable?

From the manufacturer's point of view, economy means finding the best possible balance between successful business and fair trade. Producing long-lasting, high-quality products and thus managing the balancing act between environmental awareness and affordable prices is an aspect that informed customers value.

But sustainable economy also means using raw materials consciously and efficiently, and avoiding components that are harmful to health or the environment. Creative progressive thinking around corners is necessary: Work processes are always being optimised and reorganised.

Business Ecology

Combining growth with responsibility

We focus on sustainable development and innovation both within our company and in our environment. In this way, we ensure the long-term success of our products and at the same time contribute to the protection of people and the environment - and create the basis for a positive future for our employees, our business partners and all our customers. With our forward-looking product solutions and our business processes based on trust and respect, we have every reason to be very optimistic about the future.