• Strain and push relief directly at the WGT® and thus directly on the component
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Cost saving compared with other components as no separate technical solution is required
  • Improved strain and push relief up to 290N
  • Can be used with the shut version as well as the slotted version of the WGT®.

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With our WGT® product line, good strain and push relief is already achieved. However, many customers want even higher strain and push relief forces for cable fixation. To achieve this, elaborate design changes were often made to the assemblies such as closures/cabinet, but usually only with limited success but at considerable cost.

For this reason we have developed our PowerClip®. With the PowerClip®, the strain relief elements (aramid yarn) of the cable are intercepted directly on the component. This significantly improves the strain and push relief (see technical data sheet). The maximum achievable tensile forces depend on the quantity and quality of the yarns used in the cable.

The PowerClip® is halogen-free according to DIN EN 60684-2.

Operating temperature from -40° C to + 70° C.

Product and System patented for Elitex GmbH