WGT® Sealing gaskets

WGT® Sealing gaskets

WGT® Sealing gaskets

  • Replacement gaskets for the WGT® gas-water blockers
  • Made of Santoprene™ thermoplastic rubber (TPV).
  • Available for the WGT® shut version and slotted version
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Packaging units

WGT 5mm/7mm: 100 pcs./1 PU

WGT 10mm/12mm: 50 pcs./1 PU

WGT 14mm/16mm/20mm: 20s pc./1 PU


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There are different sizes according to the WGT® and cable diameter used. These can also be ordered as replacement gaskets.

The gasket of the WGT® in the shut version can be separated from the gasket at the safety breaking point. In combination with the gaskets and the shut version of the WGT® , it can also be used as an end plug.

The gasket of the WGT® in the split version is supplied with a slotted gasket. Use as an end plug is not possible in the split WGT® version, as a cable is already in place for this application.

Other seals can be manufactured on request.