Safety Jacket Stripper

Safety Jacket Stripper
Safety Jacket Stripper

Safety Jacket Stripper

  • Opening of microduct bundles without damaging the microducts
  • Opening of empty and cable installed microducts without damaging the cables
  • Avoidance of cutting injuries due to safety blade with sliding shoe
  • Axial and radial cutting of the microduct bundle jacket in one operation up to a wall thickness of 2mm
  • Axial cut of empty and cable installed  microducts (empty from Ø 5x 0.75mm, cable installed from Ø 7x 1.5mm)
  • Cutting blade made of hardened stainless knife steel with hardness 55 HRC
  • Double-sided safety blade and spare blade in the handle = 4 blades per tool
  • Allen key in handle

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In order to open the jacket of microduct bundles, e.g. at branches, normal cutter knives are usually used. This can very easily damage the microducts underneath the sheathing. In addition, there is a considerable risk for the fitter of cuts caused by the exposed knife.

For these reasons, this stripping tool with safety blade was developed for the safe opening of microduct bundles.

The shape of the safety blade allows it to be plunged into the sheathing of the microduct bundle. The sliding shoe on the bottom of the safety blade allows the sheath of the microduct bundle to be opened without damaging the microducts. Since there is no open blade, the risk of injury is minimized. The safety blade cuts forward and backward and can even be rotated for radial cutting while cutting. This allows a window to be cut into the sheathing of the microduct. The tool is suitable for tight as well as loose sheathing. The stripping tool can also be used to open empty microducts and microducts installed with cables lengthwise. Here, too, the sliding shoe on the underside of the safety blade prevents damage to the cable.


The knife handle is made of solid material. As a result, it is stable, has sufficient weight and fits well in the hand. The knife handle can be opened with the integrated Allen key. This allows you to reach the double-sided safety blade for changing sides and the spare blade. The safety blades are sold separately, so the tool can be used for a long time.