Microduct cutter DuctCut

Microduct cutter DuctCut
Microduct cutter DuctCut
Microduct cutter DuctCut

Microduct cutter DuctCut

  • A microduct cutter for all common thin- and thick-walled microducts
  • Blade guided on both sides, ensures a straight and burr-free cut
  • Wide range of application from Ø 5 mm - 20 mm
  • Ergonomic handles with automatic opening by spring loaded mechanism
  • Fatigue-free work due to low hand force (< 100 N)
  • Durably sharp blade with long service life made of tool steel (oil tempered)
  • Wide microduct support for a right-angled cutting
  • Safety lever to protect the blade and for safe transport
  • Easily replaceable blade
  • Easy to clean

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For ideal microduct connections, you need a smooth and, as far as possible, exactly right-angled cutting blade. Our new Elitex microduct cutter has been developed precisely for this requirement.

To ensure that the cut remains burr-free over many cuts, the microduct cutter has a blade made of tool steel (oil tempered). The blade is optimized for microducts and therefore not suitable for cutting cables. For ergonomic work, the microduct cutter is made of lightweight fiber-reinforced plastic. The automatic handle opening by the spring-loaded mechanism additionally facilitates the work. The wide support for the microduct securely positions the microduct for an exact right-angled cutting. The microduct cutter has a wide range of application from Ø 4 mm - 20 mm and is suitable for all thin and thick-walled microducts.

The blade is easily replaceable and is available separately as a replacement blade.