Cable conduit saw SRS 6.1

Cable conduit saw SRS 6.1

  • Cordless cable conduit saw with high quality carbide tipped saw blade and 3 batteries with 1 charger.
  • The tool is delivered in a robust case set, 445x355x255, weight approx. 6.5 kg
  • The saw weighs for operation only approx. 1.9 kg

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In a joint development with Vetter GmbH, we have developed a cable conduit saw. The goal of this joint development was to facilitate the very time-consuming and effort-intensive opening of cable installed and empty cable conduits without damaging internal cables or subducts. Furthermore, a significant time saving was achieved for this operation.


The cable conduit saw SRS 6.1 is a more powerful further development of the proven version SRS 6. The range of application is designed for duct outer diameters of 32-150mm and max. wall thicknesses of 6mm. With the saw, axial, transverse and window cuts can be made accurately. In FTTx installation, window cuts for crossing out the subducts can be made quickly and safely. In the case of cable relocations - e.g. conversion of an intersection to a traffic circle - long double cuts have to be made without damaging the cables or subducts. Especially for these jobs, you will benefit in the future from the more than 5-fold increase in performance of the new SRS 6.1. 

A 1/10 millimeter accurate setting of the cutting depth by means of an adjustment device protects the cables located in the pipe. The cutting depth is selected approx. 0.2mm less than the pipe wall thickness. The remaining skin is broken out with a lifter, so that optimum protection of the cable or subduct is achieved.


 Duct guide plates provide high working safety and accurate cutting. They are available for the duct diameters listed below. The cordless tool is deliberately kept small in design and under 2 kg in weight to be usable even in confined spaces. The standard scope of delivery includes the following parts:

  • Cordless saw with high-quality carbide-tipped saw blade and 3 rechargeable batteries with 1 charger.
  • Presetting unit for cutting depth (1/10 mm accurate!) with caliper gauge
  • Lifter for remaining cut skin
  • Delivery in a robust case set, 445x355x255, weight approx. 6,5 kg
  • The saw alone weighs for operation only approx. 1.9 kg

Sales and technical advice for the cable conduit saw SRS 6.1 is provided exclusively by:

Vetter GmbH


Industriestrasse 28

D-79807 Lottstetten

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