• Restoration during regular network operation
  • Sustainable and cost-efficient repair of damaged microduct sections
  • Continuous blowing in and blowing out
  • Available for every common microduct size
  • 16 bar pressure tight
  • Absorption of tensile forces
  • Permanently buriable
  • Our DuctRepair-Solutions product line has, among others, the technical approval of Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and other network opperators.

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"In 8 out of 10 cases of damage, the fiber optic cable remains undamaged"

The rollout of passive microduct structures continues to progress. The coverage of empty conduit structures with fiber optic cable is also increasing. Even in the current phase of this rollout, there is an increase in incidents. This leads to considerable problems and high repair costs, especially for in operation and customer connections.

The consideration of operating costs of the microduct systems is gaining more and more importance, because more frequently there are cases of damage at groundwork installations.

For these applications ELITEX has developed the DuctRepair-Block.

Our solution to this requirement is the DuctRepair-Block:

This is a divisible connection block through which a damaged microduct system is sustainably restored.

The DuctRepair block is designed to fit continuously to the outer and inner diameters of the damaged microduct and is suitable for high technical loads, such as pull-out forces and pressure tightness, as well as permanent burial. This allows damaged areas in a microduct to be restored into a functional connection.

Professional tools that meet this requirement are necessary for a professional and precise repair.

The tools have been newly developed especially for this application, for more information on this use DuctTools for microduct repair under the product details.


  • Repair during regular network operation
  • Continuous blowing in and out
  • 16 bar pressure tight
  • Available for every common microduct size
  • Interception of tensile forces
  • Permanently buriable
  • Made for the highest technical loads, proven hundreds of times, thus the damaged microduct section is repaired sustainably and cost-efficiently