DuctMarker® LT

DuctMarker® LT
DuctMarker® LT

DuctMarker® LT

  • Improved magnetic field technology
  • Pinpoint location in all soil categories
  • Suitable for use with ducts due to the anti-slip design
  • Passive locating medium, therefore requires no power supply or battery
  • Efficient cost and time saving
  • Optimised geometry and compact format with many application possibilities

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The Ductmarker® LT enables pinpoint location of fiber optic cable and microduct lines as well as joints, closures and prepared FTTH connection points, e.g. FTTHp+.

Due to the passive HF reflector, it responds frequency-selectively with 101.4 kHz to the emitted signal when searching with locators. This means that only marked telecommunications facilities can be found.

The DuctMarker® LT can be subsequently attached to virtually any component in a non-slip manner using cable ties.


  • Detection of the DuctMarker LT from an even greater distance due to clear signal response
  • No signal shadows
  • The use of the DuctMarker LT reduces the amount of excavation work required to the actual location where the object was found.
  • Locating capability of the DuctMarker LT up to 2m soil depth
  • Locating range of at least 80cm in all soil categories, regardless of the installation position.
  • If several components are marked with DuctMarker+ in one area, they can be located individually from a distance of >30cm from each other.