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WGT® Water Gas Termination

Here you can find out more about our WGT Water Gas Terminaton

Product description WGT® (Water Gas Termination) shut and slotted Version

The WGT is a sealing element for micro ducts according to DIN EN 50411-2-8. It fits for all listed sizes independent from pipe manufacturers. The WGT seals off water and gas in micro ducts with various cable diameters and works also like a blind plug for empty ducts. 


There is no slimmer WGT for sealing and termination available in market. Small diameter and length enable max capacity in small cabinets and termination boxes. The sealing gaskets have a safety breaking point, which release gasket under extreme pressure and thus prevents release of the WGT from micro duct. The slotted version suits in case of no access to end of cable or if cable was already spliced (i.e. maintenance). Beside excellent sealing performance the WGT also has a good strain and push relief for cable and micro duct. With the optional PowerClip™ the strain relief improve by clamping the strength members of the cable like aramid yarn.


At the cable side the WGT has an integrated shape for bend protection. Size 5-12 comes with a filler clip (red part) for mechanical support of slot in WGT body. Slotted version comes with a slotted sealing gasket. The WGT is made from a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy with anodized surface coating1). Therefore, according to DIN EN 13501-1 (combustibility of building products) the WGT can be classified as A2 (non-/limited combustible), in combination with sealing gasket and filler clip s1 (no-/little smoke) d0/d1 (no-/limited droplets). The WGT, PowerClip, filler clip and sealing gasket are halogen free according to DIN EN 60684-2.


WGT is available for most common duct sizes in shut and slotted version. Meanwhile WGT has proven over years as reliable sealing and strain relief for cables in micro ducts.


  • WGT seals off cable in duct against water and gas up to 10 Bar
  • WGT as blind plug seals off duct against water and gas up to 13 Bar
  • Max packing density i.e. WGT size 10mm is just 4mm bigger than micro duct
  • Sealing gaskets with safety breaking point release
  • Strain relief of cable ≥13N for WGT 7 and up to ≥50N for WGT 20
  • With PowerClip™ strain and push relief of cable strength members up to 290N
  • Strain relief of micro duct ≥70N for WGT 7 and up to ≥90N for WGT 20
  • Integrated shape for bend protection of cable
  • Reaction to fire according to DIN EN 13501-1 class A2 s1 d0 (d1 slotted Version)
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy with anodized surface coating
  • Sealing gaskets reusable up to five times. WGT body unlimited
  • Slotted version for installation with no access to end of cable
  • WGT 7/10/12 are approved and released by Deutsche Telekom according to technical specification SpeedNet-Micro Duct-System
  • Temperature range from -40° C up to + 70° C

Product and System patented for Elitex GmbH

Product description PowerClip™

With the optional PowerClip™ the strain and push relief improve by clamping the strength members of the cable like aramid yarn up to 290N. The maximum attainable tensile forces depend on the quantity and quality of the strain relief elements from the cable. Order number see table Tools/Accessories. The PowerClip™ for more strain and push relief suits for shut and slotted version.


Product and System patented for Elitex GmbH

Product description LabelClip

The LabelClip is an accessory to identify micro ducts. Due to its clip fixation at the micro duct, it is firmly positioned and can’t slip down. The LabelClip is easy and quick to mount.


The LabelClip is rewriteable multiple times with permanent marker.

Labels from common label printers stick well to the LabelClip and still can be removed. The backside of the LabelClip indicates the suitable diameter of the micro duct. The LabelClip is available for micro ducts with outer diameters of 7/10/12/14/16/20mm.


The LabelClip is halogen-free according to DIN EN 60684-2.

The temperature range goes from -20° to +70°C.

For further information see here.

Sealing gaskets


Sealing gaskets are available for common micro ducts and applicable cable diameters. Sealing gaskets are made from thermoplastic rubber (TPV) Santoprene™. The blind plug of sealing gasket can be separated from cable sealing at safety braking point. Slotted version comes with a slotted sealing gasket. Slotted version of WGT works also like a blind plug with sealing gasket from shut version (on request). Select sealing gasket according to your WGT size and cable diameter from table in data sheet and specify number with order. Customer specific gaskets are available on request.


For every size of WGT a disassembly clip is available. For most sizes also, a professional installation tool is available. The tool simplifies assembly and disassembly of the WGT especially if the cable is already in place. The WGT can be installed without using the tool but for disassembly, at least for WGT size 5mm, 7mm and thin cables, the use of the PullClip is strongly recommended.

Table tools / accessories PowerClip™

Assembly videos Elitex

Teaching videos Deutsche Telekom

Technical datasheet

Technical Datasheet WGT shut version
TD-WGT shut Version 2.2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 219.2 KB
Technical Datasheet WGT slotted version
TD-WGT slotted Version 2.3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 217.0 KB
Technical Datasheet LableClip
TD-LableClip 1.1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 144.9 KB

Installation instruction

Installation Instruction WGT shut version
II-WGT Elitex shut Version 1.5.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.0 MB
Installation Instruction WGT slotted version
II-WGT slotted version 1.5.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.3 MB

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