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DuctShell® size 750 and 1500

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Product description

Micro ducts for fiber optic networks are designed to keep their performance for 20-30 years lifetime. Over this long period problems and vulnerabilities may occur which are not in the responsibility or warranty of the installation company. For example, renewed opening of a trench with micro ducts for access to installations under need or constructions of the road could lead to severe damage of a micro duct junction.


To improve and secure the joint of micro ducts and micro duct bundles the DuctShell® was developed. For connection of micro duct at a joint, usually used connectors have a tensile force to keep ducts in place and tight. Since the micro ducts in a joint have different lengths, the entire tensile load will appear on the shortest ones if the whole micro duct bundle would be lifted or moved. Those shortest micro duct will slide out of the connector. The DuctShell® has a strain relief fort the micro duct bundles which keeps extra load away from connectors and thus prevent micro ducts from sliding out of the connectors. Due to high compressive strength of the DuctShell®, it also protects micro ducts and connectors from mechanical stress applied by stones or rocks after back fill. The connectors are evenly distributed within the DuctShell® by integrated recesses inside of shell. Also the whole joint of micro ducts keeps straight and ensure max range of cable jet in.


The Elitex DuctShell has proven many times for years as the best solution for protecting of micro duct joints.


  • Consistent joint quality due to graded distribution of connectors over the inner space of DuctShell.
  • DuctShell prevent bends of ducts caused by concentration of connectors and thus cable stops during jet in process.
  • No more tedious search and identification of dedicated micro duct due to well organized micro duct joint, because all related connections of a duct bundle are in one DuctShell
  • No damage of micro duct joint or connectors at renewed opening of a trench
  • Due to high compressive strength of DuctShell no more squeezed micro duct or connectors, caused by stones or rocks in compressed back filling.
  • Most common micro duct bundle sizes covered by two sizes of DuctShell 750 or 1500.

Patented by Elitex GmbH, EP Patent No. 2624036

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Technical Datasheet

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Installation Instruction

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