Safety Jacket Stripper

Product description

Product description safety jacket stripper

To strip the jacket or sheet of a micro duct bundle for joints or branches, installers make use of normal cutter knifes. As consequence micro ducts underneath jacket get damaged very easily. There is also a considerable risk of cut injuries for the installer due to the detached blade.


For this reasons the safety jacket stripper was developed. The jacket stripper has a safety blade for a safe and sound opening of micro duct bundles. The particular shape of the safety blade enable cutting into the jacket of a continuous bundle without access to an open end. The skate at bottom side of the blade avoid cutting into micro ducts. The safety blade can cut front and backwards and can be rotated during cutting for radial cuts. Thus, you can cut a window in the sheath of a continuous micro duct bundle. Due to the particular shape of the safety blade risk of injury for installer will minimize. The tool is suitable for tight and loose coatings of micro duct bundles. The jacket stripper also can open empty or with cable loaded micro ducts. Here again the skate at the bottom side of the blade avoid damage to the cable.


The knife handle is made of solid material. As a result, it is stable, has a sufficient weight for handy working. The handle can be opened with the integrated hex wrench to get access to double side safety blade and spare blade. If the safety blade got blunt it can be turned upside down to make use of second side. Inside of the handle a spare blade is located. The safety blades are sold separately, so that the handle can be used beyond


Features of the safety blade

  • Jacket/sheet stripping without damages of micro duct
  • Longitude opening of empty and with cable loaded micro ducts empty starting from outer Ø 5x 0,75mm, with cable loaded starting from


     7x 1,5mm
  • Longitudinal and radial cut of jacket up to 2mm coating thickness in one operation
  • Due to the safety blade minimized risk of injury for installers
  • Long-lasting blade made of hardened stainless steel with hardness of 55 HRC
  • Solid handle hosting double side safety blade plus another spare blade results in 4 blades per tool
  • Hex wrench for opening and blade replacement integrated in handle

Technical datasheet

TD-safety jacket stripper 1.0.pdf
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